I brought a huge chunk of my childhood home from my dad’s house this past weekend. I found Harry Potter when I was in the third grade. Sorcerer’s Stone still has a sticker on the inner cover with my chicken scratched name on it. Now, 23, I’m looking back at this stack of books and remembering every single release day. My parents never read the series, but they somehow always knew when each book was released and made an event of going to get it.  I remember trying not to run in Costco when I would see the huge pallet of them.  I remember being lost to the world until I finished each one. And I remember on Deathly Hallows’ release day I ran to wake up my dad because I overslept, only to find out he snuck out at midnight to get it because he wanted me to be surprised. This series, man. There was nothing else quite like it.

totally makes me want to reread the series!!!! love it :)

My very good friends Rose and Fernando are official! He asked her to be his girlfriend tonight :) so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!